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Working with found objects, artist Don Charles created this life-size eagle from metal scraps which he cut, pounded and shaped into this sculpture. The authentic-sized eagle’s nest, located on the opposite side of the room, was constructed from an old wagon wheel and organic materials, such as twigs and branches.


The metal light sconces made by Charlie Loomis located in the hallways feature the seven constellations most commonly seen in the Puget Sound region. The light sconces in the video alcove, as well as those outside each sleeping room in the lodges, have perforations that form Northern Hemisphere constellations. The name of the constellation appears on each piece.


Artist and naturalist Mette Hanson created the individual ceramic animal door plaques found in the hallway as you enter each sleeping room.


The carvings of the kingfisher and Great Blue Heron on the Madrona fireplace mantel were created by Bainbridge Island carver James Bender.