Bog Tree House

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The Bog Treehouse is a learning space  that will hold up to 16 people. It was designed and built by The TreeHouse Workshop (Jake Jacob and Peter Nelson) in 2002.  It is in (around) a Douglas fir: 169’ tall; approximately 100-120 years old. Three separate arborists chose this tree. (Good tree choices are cedar, maple, oak, redwood, and pine. A bad choice would be hemlock because they are subject to root rot.)

The tree house is 16 feet off ground on lower side – higher on the bog side. The platform is perched on tree – not pinned directly to the tree because the tree (bark) would grow over the wood and cause problems.

Garnier Limbs (constructed) are used to perch platform. Each Garnier Limb can hold sheer weight of over 12,000 lbs. There are eight of these Garnier Limbs in the Bog Treehouse.

The stairs are made to move with the wind to prevent the tree from breaking. The builders puzzled for months on how to build these stairs until one went on a boat ride and realized that the way docks are designed to deal with tidal level changes was what they needed for this situation.

The tree house roof will not prevent rain from coming straight down the trunk. It is designed so you will be able to see daylight and if it were sealed, the tree would not be able to grow.