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  ECOSYSTEMS UNIT: Stewardship in the Context of Natural Systems
Enduring Understanding Ecosystems consist of interacting organisms and their physical environment and have many interdependent relationships. 
Unit Objectives/
Knowledge & Skills
Use evidence (sensory and/or measured) to model or explain how natural phenomena occur in multiple ecosystems. Identify the source of matter and energy for different organisms in an ecosystem. Describe multiple interdependent relationships between themselves and other elements of their ecosystems. 

'Assessment Examples'

(What would provide evidence of learning?)

  • Annotated student drawing
  • Skits
  • Web of Life explanation

Essential Questions

(What are the big Ideas?)

  • What do you notice? What do you wonder? What does this remind you of?
  • What evidence do you observe with your senses?
  • In what ways are these ecosystems most similar? Different?
  • How does your neighborhood change from day to night?
  • What are you most excited to explore at IslandWood and at home?
  • What tools do you have/will you use to investigate and answer questions?
  • What similarities and differences do you predict that you will observe?

  • What does the presence/absence of ____ tell us?
  • If you were a ____, where would you find food in this ecosystem?
  • How does _____ obtain energy?
  • Who or what gets its energy from this organism?
  • What is most familiar about this environment?
  • What inputs and outputs are observed in this system? What are inputs and outputs in other systems?
  • How does the energy of the Sun impact humans?
  • What would you change about this ecosystem to make it healthier?
  • How does the interaction of __ and __ affect humans?
  • What is available to you in this ecosystem to survive? To thrive?
  • What inputs and outputs are different for you and this organism?
  • How is your family and community like an ecosystem?
  • How will your understanding and knowledge of an ecosystem help you back at school and at home?
  • What would be impacted if __ was removed from this system? If ___ was added?
Lessons/ Activities
Relevant Journal Pages
  • Ecosystem Comparisons, pg. 6-7
  • Investigation tables, pg. 8-13
  • Water Quality Comparison, pg. 20-21
  • Weather Conditions, pg. 14
  • Water and Soil Macros, pg. 16-19
  • Ecosystem Inputs and Outputs, pg. 4
  • Ecosystem Roles, pg. 5
  • IslandWood Watershed, pg. 26
  • IslandWood’s Food System, pg. 35
  • Garden Scavenger Hunt, pg. 34
  • People and Ecosystems, pg. 33
  • Blakely Cemetery Historical Research, pg. 36
  • Blakely Harbor, Then and Now, pg. 39
  • Animal Signs, pg. 27
*SOP Expectations
  • *Minimum one investigation completed by the end of the week. 
  • For a complete list of assessments, lessons, and activities look on the IslandWood Wiki.