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 IslandWood has several fireplaces: One in each lodge, one in the Dining Hall, and one in the Great Hall.

The surfaces of the ones in the very public spaces - Dining Hall and Great Hall - were designed to represent the geology of the mountain ranges in the area.  The Dining Hall Fireplace, furthest to the east, represents the geology of the Cascade Mountains (to our east.)  The Great Hall Fireplace, furthest to the west, represents the geology of the mountains to our west: The Olympics Mountains.

When it came around to designing the fireplaces for the three lodges, since there are three main categories of rocks, and three lodges, it seemed logical to use the fireplaces to tell that story.  For neumonic reasons, they are:

  • Invertebrate Inn → Igneous Rock
  • Mammals Den → Metamorphic Rock
  • The Other One → The Other One  (Bird's Nest → Sedimentary Rock)

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