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The geological history of Puget Sound is quite complex. 

The Puget Lowland, in which Puget Sound lies, is the result of tectonic processes related to the subduction of the Juan de Fuca Plate beneath the western edge of North America. These processes have established the broad-scale topography and geology of the region. 

Superimposed on the underlying geology is the earth shaping action of the Vashon glaciation (15,000-20,000 BP).  Ice sheets advanced across Puget Sound, depositing large volumes of glacial sediment. This left a distinct north–south grain to the region’s hills and valleys, which are generally superimposed on a broad outwash plain about 330 feet in elevation.

IslandWood's Fireplaces tell the story of the formation of the area as well as different types of rocks.

Matt Brewer EEC '04 created a website with lessons about geology using places and resources located on IslandWood's site. Lots of lessons and background information.  Check it out at: