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Songs at IslandWood

Quick tips for song-leading:

1. Preface any song-teaching, except repeat-after-me songs, with "I'll sing a line, and then you'll sing it back to me".  Point to the audience when it's their time to sing.  

2. For repeat-after-me songs, it is fun to yell, "THIS IS A REPEAT AFTER ME SONG", and the kids will likely follow suit.

3. If the song has a chorus, teach that first, so that the kids can always join in even if they miss every other word in the song. If the song has a fast chorus (for example: Rattlin' Bog) sing it line by line, very slowly. 

4. If written lyrics are available, use them! 

5.  Encourage those who already know the song to sing it out loud and proud.

6. Some songs teach concepts, some songs are just for fun or filler, but all songs are important as examples of oral traditions as how humans have passed down knowledge for centuries.

7. Be brave, sing from your heart, and have fun.