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Stewards at Home Unit



Enduring Understanding

Humans can act to positively impact home communities and the environment.

Unit Objectives/
Knowledge & Skills

Explain how they can be a steward in their community

Identify one experience or skill from the week that can positively impact their community(s)

Assessment Examples

(What would provide evidence of learning?)

Essential Questions

(What are the big ideas?)

  • Explain in your own words what a steward is and does?
  • What information will you share with family and friends in your community?
  • How do you take care of the ecosystems and communities that you are a part of?
  • How are green spaces in your community similar/different ecosystems?
  • What practices do you want to continue when you return home?
  • How will you embrace adventure, live/learn in community, help the environment, and/or connect with place back at school/home?
  • How can you share these practices with your home communities?


Highlight that students have power to make decisions and act in ways that positively impact their home communities and environment.