Charlie's Bog

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• Named for the grandfather of a donor
• Kids observe from height of the tree house for the “big picture mosaic”; water ring around bog, yellow-green plants (high acidity levels); kids spend much of their time in reflection and journaling
• Small version of the bog can be found in the Living Machine™, where children can actually touch plants, etc.
• Approximately 3 acres; area scooped out by glacier; water from rain and evaporation only; high acidity levels
• Birds: Sharp-shinned hawk, Spotted towhees
• Plants: Bog laurel, Labrador tea, Clustered wild rose, Roundleaf sundew, Sphagnum moss (in water); salal, evergreen and red huckleberry, Douglas spirea, Pacific crabapple, Braken fern, Nodding beggerticks, Burreed, Western red cedar, Red spotted alder, Bog cranberry
• 75-100 year old Western hemlock – growth stunted by high pH levels (acidic).