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Cultural is anything influenced by humans: art, dancing, houses, or parts of an ecosystem introduced or altered by people.

A teacher resource in environmental science education demonstrating the techniques and practices within the Nature's ABCs lesson. Students learn about three major categories of nature: Abiotic, Biotic, and Cultural. This lesson also provides in-depth sub lessons in "Abiotics: The LAWS of Nature" and "Biotics: The PCDs (producers, consumers, and decomposers)". This lesson allows for an interactive and interesting lesson in science vocabulary and understand nature for 4th and 5th graders.

Nationally acclaimed artist and Skokomish tribal leadr, Gerald Bruce Miller (subiyay) interpreted the sacred teachings of the natural world to anyone who wanted to learn. This gentle and generous film is the parting gift of a great teacher, artist and orator.

This is the story of the Filipino pioneers who emigrated to the United States and subsequently to the Pacific Northwest in the 1920s and 30s. They came to Bainbridge Island, Washington, to work the land, mostly on Japanese-American owned strawberry farms. It is the story of their relationship with other Island residents, including Canadian First Nation migrant workers. It is the story of the land, and how the Filipino community became its stewards during World War II.

Depicts the cultural history of Japanese-American immigrants on Bainbridge Island, and their relationship to the land.