Djembe Drumming

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This Djembe drumming lesson, designed for all ages, gives a quick glimpse of the culture of drumming and encourages self-expression, listening skills, and teamwork. This "picture of practice" gives basic drumming technique, a short background on Djembe drums, and multiple activities that can go along with your drumming lesson, such as "Call-and-Response", the "Building a Group Rhythm Challenge", and "Creating a Personal Beat". Try these activities in your own lesson or be creative and make your own make-shift drums.

These are Djembe drums from Ivory Coast West Africa

Every drum has a very powerful spirit that of the tree they were carved from and that of the animals which gave its skin for the head The skins on these djembes are coatskins

Please show respect for these drums listen to the sprint of the drum let it connect with your own Spirit as you play it and speak your voice your inner rhythm in community pay it much love and respect and it will give back so much more

Words cannot explain the healing energy of these drums for the body mind and spirit

How to care for IW Djembes:

  •      Remove all rings watches or other jewelry from your hands before playing
  •      Never hit the drum head with a stick
  •      Do not drop bounce or banthese drums around they are not toys
  •      Do not play these drums outside in the rain
  •      Never use lotion oil or lubricant of any kind on the skin
  •      Avoid playing the drum after using lotion or oils on your hands
  •      Do not attempt to tune adjust or fix a drum

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