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Lesson Goal:

The goal of the Outdoor Evening Program is to strengthen concepts studied during the day through explorations of ecosystems at night. This is done on either a Monday or Tuesday night.


Students will be able to:

  • Identify changes in the ecosystem during day/night.
  • Make connections to one or more concepts learned in the day program (i.e., team building, investigations, stewardship, etc.)  



Why do we do outdoor evening programming at Islandwood? (The outdoor evening program is often a brand-new experience for students coming to the SOP program.)  As humans, we are not nocturnal creatures. Our eyes are our primary sense and we have color vision which requires lots of light. To go out on an outdoor evening program means that you are allowing yourself to slip out of your comfort zone, utilize sensory inputs for observation and connect to and explore the forest in new and exciting ways. 

In the evening, the way that you observe the world around you is significantly different. For example, air is cooler, and more moist at night, and your ability to smell and hear the world around you is heightened. Keep in mind the changes to the ecosystem as we set out onto our evening adventure! 


Nocturnal Animals

UnNature Hike (if outdoor evening program occurs before it gets dark)

Sound Map

Sense Mapping 

Bat Moth

Triboluminescence (Lifesavers)

Read a [suggested] Evening themed Book

Unopposable Thumbs

Solo Sit 

Also, here is a slew of other outdoor evening activities.


Variable, depends on activity. The outdoor evening program component of your SOP week lasts between 60 and 90 minutes total. 

Suggested Assessments:   

Pre and post experience mind map of "Outdoor Evening Program" to compare and contrast ecosystem observations from day to night. 

If doing Solo Walk/Sit, use associated assessments

Relevant Journal Pages:

"Humans in the Ecosystem", pg. 33

Transfer of Learning:  

 What are some ways that you can explore nature at night with your friends and family in your own community in a fun and safe way?