Exploring New Spaces

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Rationale: In the world of outdoor education, it can prove difficult to ask for student’s focus when entering a new, exciting, and often times distracting environment. Giving them time to free explore a new space will allow them to satiate their curiosity for the present physical space and allow them to better focus on the next task.

Before entering a new and exciting space review your safety guidelines and introduce any site-specific safety rules. Give your students the free explore parameters; ie: anywhere as long as you can see me or from the far snag to the edge of the pond, etc. After reviewing the safety rules and parameters alert your students to how much time they have to explore and where and how you will call them back to your meeting space. For example: “ You have two minutes to explore this space. When I hoot like a bard owl, come back to our backpacks and circle up.”


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