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Our wiki's screen is divided into different areas. Beside the content area in the middle there are some areas for special functions.

Here's an overview of the wiki's layout.

  • Navigation: on the left side you will find the navigation.
    • Navigation: general navigation that can be administrated by administrators for all users.
    • Tools: individual navigation. It can be customized by every user.
    • Admin: here you will find all relevant tools for administrators.
  • Top Menu: there is a link to the the Wiki's home, IslandWood's homepage and the EEC Intranet here.
  • Search: The search is located on the very top at the right side. Here you can search for content. Search for titles, in descriptions or attachments.
  • User area: Click on your profile to change your profile picture and information. e.g. If you click on the arrow next to your user name you can have a look at your preferences, your watch list or your contributions.
  • Functions concerning articles: At the top of the content area you will the tabs: "Page",  "Comments", "View Source" (or "Edit" if you have logged in) and "History". If you click on the"History" you will find the functions delete, move, protect, watch, insert category and edit review. If you can't see all functions you don't have all required permissions.
  • State Bar: the grey bar at the top is the state bar. Here you can see selected  information about the article. The tab in the center bottom of the state bar will give you even more information - and some important options if you are logged in.