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If you want to add a new lesson to the wiki, we ask you to use our standard format.  The easiest way to do this is to create a new blank page, paste the formatted version below into the new page, and then edit that.

Here are the step by step directions:

1. Log In

2. Highlight and then copy into the clipboard of your computer the text listed within the dotted lines below.

3. Create a new page with the name of the lesson.

4. Switch to Wiki Text Editor.


5. Paste the text copied in step 2, above.

6. Switch back to the to WYSIWYG Editor.


7. Save it.

8. Now take your time to edit the page.

Text to copy:

{| cellspacing="1" cellpadding="1" border="0" style="width: 700px;"
| align="left" colspan="2" | 
{| width="700" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="6" border="1" align="left"
| align="left" | 
=== Summary<br>  ===

This explains in one sentence the overall synopsis of the lesson <br> 


| valign="top" | 
=== Objectives: <br>  ===

*Up to 3 
*These are specific outcomes that the students will demonstrate if the lesson is successful.  
*Objectives are written in SWBAT format: “Students will be able to…”; 
*Objectives are intimately tied with Assessments (see below). 
*Objectives are not an agenda or a list of what students will do during the lesson. <br>

| valign="top" align="right" | 
{| width="150" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="6" border="1"
| valign="top" align="left" | 
'''Age group:''' 4th-6th '''Venue/s''': xx 

'''Materials: ''' xxxx 

'''Time:''' xxxx 

'''Set up:''' xxxx 



| valign="top" align="left" colspan="2" | 
=== Connection to The Process:  ===

Each lesson will emphasize a primary “step” in The Process. 

=== Introduction:  ===

(''A brief explanation of how to initiate a lesson. Includes an engaging question or activity.'') 


=== Activities:  ===

''(Formalized games, art projects, formal discussions, etc. that support the objectives.)'' 


=== Duration:<br>  ===

''(Each part of the lesson should include the approximate time it takes to lead that component. This is specifically for the content, not the entire experience. For example, the content of a lesson on Abiotics may only take 35 minutes if taught all in one sitting, like in a classroom. However, if the instructor is teaching along a hike with students, the entire experience (content and hike) may take 3 hours. )'' 


=== Assessments:<br>  ===

''(Broken down into formative and summative, assessments help guide the teaching to tailor the instruction to the students’ needs and tell us if we met the objectives. Formative assessments are at the beginning of the lesson and answer the question “what do the students know coming into this lesson?” Summative assessments are at the end of the lesson and answer the question “can the students achieve the objectives?” Assessments can be simple questions or planned activities. )'' 


=== Summary:  ===

''A time for students to review the information, make connections to other information or experiences from school and/or SOP, and ask questions to begin the transfer of knowledge to their home communities. '' 




Created/Adapted by (name) on (date) .<br>