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Most of the movies in this wiki are actually hosted on YouTube.  If you want to include a video on a page of this wiki, just follow these instructions:

1. Put the movie in YouTube or Vimeo or TeacherTube.  If the video is already on an IslandWood account, that's great.  If it's on your own account, that's OK, but we'll probably want to copy it to an account we control so we can make sure it's available in the future.

2. Determine the video ID of your movie. The video ID is part of the URL.
If the video's URL is, then the embed code would be VyBSS48E4xI.

3. At the location of the page where you want to insert the video - in wikitext mode - insert the following the following code:

{{#ev:vimeo|13918487}}                For a movie on Vimeo   
{{#ev:youtube|VyBSS48E4xI}}           For a movie on YouTube
{{#ev:teachertube|8hci82399}}         For a movie on Teacher Tube

Using the video ID in place of the number strings in these examples.

  • To switch to wiki text mode, click on the button in the upper left corner of the editor bar that looks like [[ ]]  . 
  • Click on the pencil icon to return. 
  • It may not show the movie until you SAVE the page.