Lichen Song

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Likin' Lichen, or The Lichen Song

Lyrics and melody written by Katie Krupin, Margaret Cummings, Emma Cornwell, and Lucy Kruesel (EEC Class of '16)
Musical accompaniment (chords) written by Joe Reilly

C                        F

I really like my lichen
C                         G

and I really like you
C                        F

I really like my lichen
          G                  F         C

and I think you'd like it too

C                           F

Fungi and algae met at a party
C                                        G

Fungi said I need some sugar darlin'
C                        F

Algae said I've got some right here!
C                                      G

Fungi said Cool, I'll protect you dear
C                                           F 

We'll bring our two great kingdoms together
C                                               G

Grow on rocks and trees in all different weather
C                        F

Dynamic duo, we'll be the closest
C                                           G

Help each other out---it's called SYMBIOSIS! :)


C                                 F

From far away they might not be seen
C                                                        G

But keep a keen eye out for that bright minty green
C                                                   F

For animals they're food and nesting material
C                                    G

For us, antivirals and antibacterials....
C                                     F

Pixie cup, ochre disk, old man's beard,
C                                      G

Ragbag, specklebelly, and reindeer!
C                                F

Photosynthesizin', fixin' nitrogen
G                                                                (strum G a lot and draw it out dramatically)

What would life be like without them lichens?!?



Fun Extension: This song can be sung at the same time as Bats Eat Bugs page because they both use the same chords. Students can learn each separately, then sing either chorus on the last round!