Light, Air, Water

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Students identify that healthy ecosystems are made up of abiotic (light, air, and water) and biotic (producers, consumers, and decomposers) components that interact to support life. 


Students will be able to...

  • Explain that all living things depend on light, air and water in order to survive. 

Suggested Activities:

Suggested Assessments:

Look-fors for assessing student understanding: 

  • Students describing the significance of Light, Air and Water to organisms in written and/or oral form. 
  • Students comparing the levels of Light, Air and Water in different ecosystems. 

Other Relevant Journal Pages:

  • "Weather", pg. 14

Transfer of Learning:

How do light, air, and water come into play in your everyday life? At school? Home? 

For More Information:

L.A.W.S wiki page