Mac's Pond

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 • Kids experience being on the water, where they study water quality and macroinvertebrates.
• Named after Malcolm McDonald, hotel manager of Bainbridge Hotel and Pleasant Beach Hotel at the turn of the last century.
• Study groups of eight or nine students participate in water-quality testing, creative writing, and sketching.
• Floating classroom – pulleyed 1/3 out in pond for water samples
           o Built by volunteers Bob Karr and Hal Hurlan
           o Grate on bottom is for gathering water to test for quality – pH and oxygen levels, turbidity tests.
• The pond covers approximately 4-acres.
• No fish; they are researching the possibility for the future
• 1880’s dam provided fresh water for the residents of Port Blakely; originally was 4’ wide. (Was rebuilt in 2001 to meet code; is now approximately 10’ wide.) The pond had to be drained and a county-required overflow valve installed. The resident large mouth bass provided lunch for bald eagles and blue herons.
• Pond shelter – provides shelter from rain, storage for vests; a place to have lunch, write in journals, etc.

Common Islandwood Pond Macroinvertebrates