Magnetic Toes

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Magnetic toes commonly used at IslandWood is an effective way to gain students attention to give instruction. 

Basic idea: Students will gather in a circle with toes touching.  

How to:

  • Have students start in a circle.  
  • Go over expectations of what you would like students to do while in magnetic toes.  
  • Walk down the trail a little way 
  • Call magnetic toes
  • Count down from five
  • By the time you get to one the students will have gathered in a circle with their toes touching along with any other expectations that you had expressed. 

Suggestions for guiding instructions during your first count down:

  • 5 - Walking this way
  • 4 - Circling up
  • 3 - Voices off 
  • 2 - Ears turned up to eleven
  • 1 - Eyes on the speaker

During your time at IslandWood "Magnetic Toes" can get old very fast.  Personalizing the activity it to match your personality and team name provides a fun refreshing way to use Magnetic Toes.  

Example: In the video I used the phrase "Hail Storm" instead of Magnetic Toes.  

Common Struggles: 

  • Students will bunch up and not recognize that there are students behind them.  
  • Possible Solution: No double parking: Students should not be in front of another.  

Demagnetizing: Optional

How to:

  • Count down from 3 - 2 - 1 
  • On one make a fun noise jump and put both feet together

Read your group. If your group needs to keep feet touching to keep focused on the instruction that is okay!