Poetry Community Agreement

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Students will reveal their individuality through poetry and understand that their individual differences can come together to form a strong team.


  • Students will be able to empathize with each other throughout the SOP week
  • Students will be able to see how they are connected to one another
  • Students will be able to work together as a team


Assessment of this lesson will primarily be through the students’ behavior. Formative Assessment would include general cooperation with each other throughout the week. Additionally, I will be able to assess the efficacy the exercise if the students exhibit respect towards each other. Formative assessment may also occur during team building challenges as their communication and teamwork skills will be monitored. A summative assessment may include revisiting the community agreement at the end of the week with the students and discussing if they feel they lived up to it over the course of their week at Islandwood.

Age group: 4-6th grade

Venue/s: Any space

Materials: Journals, Pencils, Markers, Quarter sheets of paper, optional instrument

Time: 30-35 mins

Set up: 5 mins

The Lesson Plan:


The instructor will create his/her own ‘I am from…” poem and share it with the group. A tone of tranquility should be visible and instruments may also be used to set the tone.


Core lesson:

The use of the Gradual Responsibility and Release model can be helpful for this activity:

1)    The instructor reads his/her poem aloud to set the tone.

2)    The students assist the instructor in coming up with an example phrase for the poem.

3)    Students take time to write their own ‘I Am From…” poems in their journal (about 5 lines should be okay). With instructor circulating to help.

4)    Students are then asked draw something from their poem that represents where they are from.

5)    Allow the students the opportunity to share their poem with the group if they would like to. Each drawing is then attached to a sheet of butcher paper and a path is drawn from each piece to their Islandwood Team. A discussion follows about how each person’s individual quality contributes to the formation of a strong team. And the team comes up with ideas of how each persons’ differences can be appreciated by the team.

Wrap Up:

For transference, a ‘We are from…’ poem was created on the final day as part of the week’s wrap- up. One phrase beginning with “We are from…” was written together as a team. Each student then picked 1 phrase from their own poem to share and read it out loud, the last phrase was the “We are from…: poem which we all read it together signifying their unity as  a Team.

 Written By: Safiya Jetha, IW EEC Class of 2014

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