Secret of the seed

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Video Description:

The "Secret of the Seed" is a planting lesson where students learn how deep to plant any seed.  This video displays an introduction to this lesson being used as a transfer of learning at the end of the week.  At the end of the video, students get a chance to plant their own sunflower seeds to take home with them.  It is important to tie the lesson back to the transfer of learning.  This is easily done by using the metaphor that students are like seeds; by sharing what they have learned with others, their wisdom will multiply like the seeds of a flower.

Learning Goals:

Students will know how deep to plant any seed!

Students will be able to discuss what they learned during their week and how they will share that information when they go home, so that their wisdom will multiply like the seeds on a flower!

Teaching Techniques Used:

 Cold Calling, Gradual Release of Responsibility, Visual Cues, and Positive Framing