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A solo experience at Islandwood offers students time to engage, explore, wonder, wander and reflect and develop a sense of place. They can be short, like a solo sit in an open field, or long like a solo walk down a trail. There are two types of solo experiences described in this lesson; a beginning of the week solo walk/sit, meant to open awareness and build content, and an end of the week solo walk/sit meant to allow for time to reflect and assess for student understanding. 


Students will be able to:

  • Use their senses to explore and experience their surroundings. 
  • Develop and express empathy, self-knowledge and perspective. 
  • Discuss feelings and/or reflections of their experiences
  • Discuss components of ecosystems and make connections between those components.
  • Describe their connection to this place, or this ecosystem, and discuss possible human influences within ecosystems here and at home. 

Age group: 4th-6th Venue/s: variable

Materials: variable; see activities for specifics

Time: variable; see activities for specifics

Set up: ensure that you select a trail/space where no other groups will be walking by


Beginning of the Week Solo Experiences:

Solo experiences for content building are a good start to the week, because it gives students a chance to develop a sense of place and begin to explore using all of their senses. It is a good time to discuss how to use our observation skills and to wonder about the world around us.  

A Space Walk is an excellent way to introduce students to a solo experience. 

End of the Week Solo Experiences: 
The goal for end-of-the-week solo experiences is for students to reflect upon their experiences they have had throughout the week. Your focus for this kind of solo experience can be for reflecting on teamwork/roles in a team, to reflect on their connections to the ecosystem, to assess student learning and understanding, or as a way for students to begin to connect the experience they've just had back to their home lives. 


Solo Walk

Solo Sit

UnNature Hike


Solo Walk Poem

Relevant Journal Pages:

"Ecosystem Observations", pg. 5

"Humans in the Ecosystem", pg. 33

Lined/Blank Pages 

Transfer of Learning:

  • How did this solo experience make you feel? 
  • Where else have you felt like this? 
  • How, where and when can you enjoy regular, quiet, solo time in nature when you are back at home?