Space Walk

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Space Walk 

This clip illustrates one way to lead a large group down a trail in a silent manner. In the clip, I explain to the students how the Space Walk will work.

All students start at the same point. There is an adult at the beginning of the walk and an adult at the end, so all the students are in the middle. I walk 50-100 yards ahead of the group, and wave back to the first student. The first student begins to walk, and when they get to the same point I was at when I waved, then the second student may walk. All students should walk at the same pace as the leader, keeping the same distance in between them and the students ahead of and behind them. You may walk for as long as you want. At the end, stop, and let the students arrive at your stopping point. 

You may prep and debrief the walk with any objectives you have for walking quietly, for example: increasing observations, noticing something new, or focusing on one of the five senses; simply moving quietly through a space so the students have a better chance of seeing wildlife; reflecting on other lessons you may have done, etc. Or, you may use this as a way to just move from A to B.

-Becky Pittman, 6/5/13