Team Building

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Team Building builds understanding of the benefits of collaboration and how it affects learning and community.  


Students will be able to:

  • Identify different roles they and others can fill to help the group accomplish goals. 
  • Practice effective communication, planning, problem solving and decision making with others. 
  • Transfer their understandings of teamwork to other parts of their life (school, home, etc.) 

Age group: 4th-6th Venue/s: xx

Materials: xxxx

Time: xxxx

Set up: xxxx

Connection to The Process:

3) Relating human relationships and influences within ecosystems. 


(A brief explanation of how to initiate a lesson. Includes an engaging question or activity. Set expectations.)



(Formalized games, art projects, formal discussions, teams courses etc. that support the objectives.)



Variable; depends on activity. 


Debrief experience through discussions. Make comparisons back to Community Agreement to see if students' understanding of teamwork has expanded. 

Transfer of Knowledge:

Using Page 2 in the journal, "What did you learn about teamwork that you can use here at Islandwood? Home? School? 

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